H. "Rooty Tooty" (Pickles, 2011)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

August, 2010

The season is fast coming to an end and the Robin abounds with comments as usual about the late-bloomers and the uniqueness of the season. Last year everyone was talking about the cool weather we had experienced all season - this year it's the unusually warm temperatures. Regardless, I will always take a cool season over what we have experienced this summer - and this is coming from a summer lover - the hotter the better has always been my mantra - until this year!!
My sincere apologies go to Susan Okrasinski and theTri-Cities Daylily Society for missing my own August deadline and not posting in time about their all day event on August 7 at the Eastman Recreation Park for a picnic and auction.  I hope it was a smashing success. On another note, Susan wrote to say that the scheduled presentation by Dan Trimmer at the end of August has been canceled. At the time of Susan's e-mail, nothing else had been planned for that date yet. Locally, the Middle Tennessee Club has scheduled a late August meeting for the first time in many years. They have reached across state lines to bring Bill and Chris Schardein down from Kentucky to do a presentation on ornamental fish pond construction. I saw the Schardein's Koi pond in June and believe they had some of the friendliest Koi I have ever seen. I believe if they could have climbed out to shake my hand, they would have.  I am already seeing a Koi pond in my future!!
I hope everyone is remembering that the Region 10 Popularity Poll ballots are due by September 1.  The process could not be easier. All you have to to is go to the AHS website, select Region 10, and select those cultivars that you want to vote for.  Upon submission, the ballot automatically is forwarded to me for tabulation. Or alternatively, you may mail the ballot directly to me if you don't trust computers.  As of this date - I have received approximately 45 ballots - please do not let only a few select the most poular daylilies in Region 10 !! Many new and old members alike use the Popularity poll to choose plants for their personal garden thinking that those selected are proven to have grown and flowered well in Region 10.  That's why it is so important for us receive as many ballots as possible from Region 10 members.