H. "Rooty Tooty" (Pickles, 2011)

Monday, February 15, 2010


Welcome to the new Region 10 News Blog. As your new Regional Publicity Director, I am charged with facilitiating the publicity for AHS, the daylily and significant regional events. After listening to Nikki Schmith at the recent Mid-Winter Symposium talk about her Region 2 blog, I thought that Region 10 deserved one also.  However, I must admit, for me, it was not QUITE as easy as Nikki suggested. After spending a couple of hours designing it, I feel that I probably looked a little bit like the dragon below in my garden. But a quick e-mail to Nikki and everything was set up 
and ready to go.  To Joann Stewart who at the MWS won a bid for a blogging "how to" package from Nikki - you got a bargain!!! Now going forward, everyone will need to remember that I am from the south, so I move a little more slowly than Nikki.  You will not see the boundless energy that Nikki exhibts, but a slower approach, much like Nikki without coffee and with lead weights tied to her ankles.  Nevertheless I will use this blog to distribute news about happenings in Region 10 and try to keep everyone up to date on upcoming events. At this point I plan on blogging at the beginning of each month and more often during busier times of the year. And  I welcome comments regarding newsworthy items of interest for members of Region 10.

 If you were at the MWS a couple of weeks ago, you probably got to hear and meet Mary Collier Fisher, the new AHS president.  She has already proven to be readily available to us by assisting Jimmy Jordan, Region 10 President, and me with resources for updating Region 10 club officers on the AHS website. We look forward to working with her to facilitate further growth of AHS as well as Region 10. Going foward, don't forget the upcoming Summer Regional Meeting in Jackson, Tennessee, June 11-12, 2010.  It's not too early to start making reservations and thinking about what you would like to donate to the auction. All proceeds of the auction go to the Region 10 coffers and to fund publication of the Region 10 Daylily Appeal. Special thanks to Susan Okrasinski for the picture of Mary taken at the MWS.

And in the spirit of the purpose of this blog, if you know of important regional or club news events that you would like publicized, please feel free to e-mail me at willcol@aol.com  and I will be glad to include them in my montly posting. Please keep them brief and to the point so that I can accomodate as many people as possible.