H. "Rooty Tooty" (Pickles, 2011)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

March Post

Well, it's the first week in March, and winter just won't turn loose of it's snowy grip of Tennessee and Kentucky. I wish I could say that this photograph of the miniature Narcissus 'Tete-a-Tete"  was taken in my garden this week.  Two years ago at this time, it was.  But not this year.  Though I have hundreds that have have naturalized in my garden, they still are only 2-3 inches tall. Nashville had a snow dusting this morning and the high was still only around 40 degrees.  I saw Janice Wood's post on the Robin earlier this week, and couldn't agree with her more - spring is going to be late this year! On the positive side though, it should make it just that much more exciting and wonderful. Nevertheless, the planning for the upcoming Region 10 Summer Regional in Jackson, TN is continuing at full speed.  I spoke with Jimmy Jordan, our Regional President,  last night, and he said that everything is progressing smoothly and on schedule. He did request that I let everyone know that anyone that registers for the Summer Regional will receive a new introduction from either Jack Forrester, Bill Reinke, or Richard Burke.  Margo Reed is the scheduled speaker and I'm sure will hold everyone's attention with talk of her hybridizing program of tall, spider/unusual forms. I heard her several years ago at the MWS in Chattanooga and am anxious to hear about the new advances in her program. Jimmy also wanted me to remind everyone that donations are needed for the Summer Regional Auction. All proceeds go to support the Region 10 activities and finance the publication of the Daylily Appeal, the regional newsletter.
I received my edition of the AHS E-Mail News last week.  If you do not subscribe, you are truly missing a nice publication which is edited by Elizabeth Trotter.   The top picture of H. ' Webster's Pink Wonder' is one of the best that I have seen and reminds me of why I drove to Knoxville from Nashville two years ago in a daylily frenzy to pick up a plant because I didn't want to wait for the postal service to deliver it. Elizabeth has done a wonderful job of collecting AHS news and links with a lot of daylily news for this publication. If you are interested in subscribing, please see the AHS website.
I have received several positive comments about the blog's first posting as well as some good suggestions regading content. One idea in particular submitted by Elizabeth Trotter caught my attention, and that was to provide links to all the Region 10 club websites. If you would like your club's link listed on the blog, please forward to me your website address.
I've had occassion to talk several times to Sandra Merritt recently, the region's new Exhibition Judge Liaison.  If you need assistance finding judges for upcoming shows, please feel free to contact her at sesmerritt@comcast.net.  She has been very busy this spring working with Joann Stewart, AHS Chairman of the Exhibition Judges Records, to update the Region 10 list of available judges and is ready to help any club in need of judges.
That's about all for now - remember, if you have any newsworthy club events or news coming up, I will be glad include them in the monthly blog if you forward them to me.