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Sunday, January 12, 2014

January, 2014

The end of 2013 has come and gone and I wanted to write at least once before 2014 got fully started to thank everyone for their participation and enthusiasm during 2013 to make Region 10 one of the best in the country. As I think back over the year just as the frog in the below picture, I realize the year was full of fun filled events held by the individual clubs and region throughout the year. We always begin the year with the Mid-Winter Symposium which makes everyone realize how many daylilies they still do NOT have in their garden.  And the upcoming MWS in 2014 will be no exception. 
Lee Pickles and David Kirchhoff are serving as co-chairs of the event and have assembled a diverse program on daylilies and gardening that everyone will enjoy.  For the first time in several years we have moved the event to February which should allow even more people to attend.  If you want to view the program, just look in the latest edition of the Daylily Appeal or go to the AHS membership portal under the Region 10 Calendar of Events.   Our  2013 summer meeting was held in Kingsport and hosted by the Tri-Cities Daylily Society.  I did not get to attend since my cardiologist thought that it was more important that I have several fuel lines to my heart replaced so that I would run more efficiently. That’s funny since I thought I was already "uber" efficient, but I digress and that’s another blog.  Regardless the summer meeting went off without a hitch and the hours of planning by the Tri-Cities club were very evident judging by the numerous positive comments that I received.  In 2014, our summer regional meeting is being hosted by the BGHS in Lexington and I am being told that there will be not just one day of garden tours, but TWO.  Wow, I can hardly wait. The Lexington area is rich with tradition and gardens – I just hope that two days are enough and that my checkbook can withstand it.

Speaking of Region 10 clubs, isn’t it exciting that the two Louisville clubs won the bid to host the AHS National Conference in 2016? It’s quite an honor for Region 10 and speaks well for the resources available within LADS and DSL. In other news at the Region 10 club level, we have had some developments that have impacted the summer rotation of the future summer meetings.  It’s with regret that I must advise everyone that the East Tennessee Daylily Society in Knoxville voted to disband effective 12/31/13 due to several factors -  the most important being decreasing membership.  The Knoxville club had a rich history of AHS participation and will be missed. The challenges of decreasing membership and slow growth are being faced by many AHS clubs as well as plant societies across the country and every organization must deal with these issues on an individual basis. Since Knoxville was scheduled for the 2015 Summer meeting, Region 10 is especially grateful for the financial donation to the Region which the Knoxville club made prior to dissolution to help offset any losses which the Region may sustain as a result of this sudden change for 2015.  As everyone knows, the proceeds from the MWS and Summer meeting auctions go directly to underwrite the publication of the Regional newsletter, The Daylily Appeal.   In a similar vein, the Jackson club asked to withdraw from the summer meeting rotation due to declining membership and a lack of resources.  All of these changes are forcing the Board of Region 10 Directors to review the current summer meeting rotation schedule in an effort to continue to have yearly meetings without losing our momentum and prevent future losses in our AHS regional membership.  On a positive note, I am excited about the formation of a new club in Madisonville, KY, Kentucky Daylily Fans, and look forward to their future growth and participation in Region 10 activities.

Just a reminder for all Region 10 club presidents to update your list of 2014 officers with the AHS website, Tim Fehr at:  fehrtj@charter.net  And if you want your officers updated on the AHS Membership Portal for club activities, please forward that list to me at: willcol@aol.com.   And don't forget that we continue to add more and more information to the Region 10 Membership Portal - all Daylily Appeal editions are now archived there for historical and future reference.  Finally,  I look forward to seeing everyone at the MWS !!

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